What’s An Agency?

More than just a cardlock.

Spread across Western Canada you’ll find UFA Petroleum agencies in over 100 towns and cities. While you’ve likely heard of agencies, and probably even fueled up at one, there’s a lot more to what an agency is than just a bunch of pumps.

Mark Lukash, Yorkton’s Petroleum Agent.

Meet Your Agents

The most valuable resource you’ll find at any UFA Petroleum agency is your local UFA Agent. They’re there to help you with solutions to keep your wheels turning like bulk fuel delivery, lubricant sales, and more. And, because they are local they know what matters to you, that’s why so many of our Agents are involved in local events and sponsorships, such as minor hockey.

Bulk Fuel Delivery & Tanks

Whether you’re harvesting this year’s crop or working on a lease drilling a new well, you can’t afford downtime because you ran out of fuel. Our agents provide bulk delivery of the fuel you need to keep the pistons pounding and get the work done. With the ability to deliver gas, diesel, and our top-of-line Dieselex Gold, your agent will get you the fuel you need, where you need it. And, if you need somewhere to store that fuel, we carry a full range of fuel storage solutions from 209L to 25,000L.


If you run a diesel engine, chances are you need Diesel Exhaust Fluid–commonly called DEF–to keep your engine running problem free. Our agencies stock the DEF you need in various sizes from the standard 10L jug to 1,040L totes. Plus, we have been adding on-island DEF at locations across Western Canada, with nearly half our agencies having the convenience of filling your DEF on the go using the Cardlock.


More than just a cardlock and delivered fuel, your local UFA Petroleum agency has all the other vital fluids for your equipment. And, your agent knows them inside and out and can make recommendations for the best product for your equipment and the conditions you’re working in. Whether you’re after a jug of Pennzoil ATF, a pail of UFA Hydraulic Oil, or a drum of Shell Rotella T5, you can find what your equipment needs at your nearest agency.

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